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It`s time to connect and reimagine how we power mobile devices. Meet us at MWC Barcelona (28 Feb 2022 - 03 Mar 2022)


Perovskia Solar launched the first consumer electronic device powered fully by a custom design perovskite solar cell.

Perovskia launched the first energy self sufficient device for a med-tech wearable customer in Switzerland. The device runs autonomously with Perovskia solar cells and eliminates the need for battery or charging. More details : Link

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Perovskia voted #1 Startup in Cleantech in Switzerland

TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award is out and PEROVSKIA was the No.1 Public voted company in the cleantech category.

Discover our Vision - CEO Anand Verma in conversation with Cedric Bollag (Powered by Huawei)

Explore the vision of PEROVSKIA SOLAR and how the perovskite solar cell is a step closer to solving the energy crisis.
Link to the full interview : Youtube


Perovskia targets a solar cell on every device with Pre-Seed funding from Venture Kick Switzerland

Perovskia, a designer solar cells venture, kick starts operations with pre-seed funding from Venture Kick. The Switzerland-based start-up specializes in digitally printed solar cells for consumer electronics and IoT devices, designing custom cells around end-use products.
Perovskia operates at the intersection of printed electronics, photovoltaics and material science, aiming to be the world’s most versatile and high-performance clean energy solution for devices, combining top-end aesthetics with best-in-class energy conversion at disruptive costs.
The exploding market for electronic devices points to a large opportunity for clean energy solutions to complement traditional batteries,” said Anand Verma, Founder, and CEO at Perovskia. “Our vision is to enable a custom-designed solar cell on every device, thereby making them energy self-sufficient. We are thrilled to be supported by Venture Kick, one of Switzerland’s most prestigious programs for entrepreneurs".
Perovskia is the outcome of years of interdisciplinary research by the Founder-CEO at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (, funded by Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The venture is incubated with support from Solaronix, a pioneer in next-generation photovoltaics, and Kreskado, an “entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs” private venture development studio.As a sponsor of Anand’s research, we at Solaronix are delighted to support Perovskia, de-risking the venture with our global market connects, production capacity and a seasoned team,” said Dr. Toby Meyer, Founder and CTO at Perovskia and Chairman at SolaronixI am excited to personally lead the lab-to-scale ramp-up of Perovskia’s patent-protected IP to build a global cleantech leader with deep roots in Switzerland.”Perovskia offers a robust investment case with an ambitious vision, meticulous execution, and a capital-efficient path to profitable scale,” said Sandeep Raju, Board Member at Perovskia and Chairman at Kreskado. “Building on support from Venture Kick, we plan to craft our coalition of like-minded seed investors by year-end, setting the stage for acceleration in 2022.As a Venture Leader Mobile 2021 participant, Perovskia recently represented the Swiss National Startup Team at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company plans to utilize funds from Venture Kick to fast-track job creation, accelerate customer acquisition and ramp up production. “Beyond financial support, we have benefited tremendously from our engagement on the Venture Kick program,” concluded Anand Verma. “The coaching and networks available to us will be invaluable as we onboard our early adopter clients and investors to launch Perovskia this year.”Complete press release is found here.

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Venturelab Trophy 2021: Swiss startups and international investors set sail for success.

The second Venturelab Trophy took place on the weekend before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The entrepreneurs and investors embarked on a friendly regatta followed by a pitch event at the Royal Club Nautico, where the Swiss National Startup Team connected with investors. This year’s regatta was supported by VISCHER; the Venture Leaders Mobile program is sponsored by Huawei, Swisscom, and VISCHER.

Perovskia - Venture leader 2021 kick off their roadshow to Mobile World Congress

The Swiss National Mobile Team is ready for their business development roadshow: The 10 Venture Leaders Mobile 2021 met to prepare for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of June. This year’s Venture Leaders Mobile program is supported by Huawei, Swisscom, and VISCHER.