Digitally Printed Perovskite Solar Cells

Our innovative technology allows cost-efficient, mass production of customizable perovskite solar cells.

Perovskite for a clean future.

Perovskite is the wonder material leading the way to a brighter and greener future. Perovskite solar cells have reached record-breaking efficiencies exceeding 25% in just a decade of research and development.

Perovskite solar cells are capable to power every electronic device indoors, owing to their extraordinary ability to absorb visible light.

Image:DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1701469

Green nanoparticle inks leading the way.

At Perovskia, we have pioneered inkjet printing technology to fabricate efficient and stable perovskite solar cells with custom design capability.

Our novel inks and printing processes enable cost-efficient production.

Perovskia technology caters to specialty photovoltaic market

The present photovoltaic market is dominated by silicon solar cells. These are manufactured using energy-intensive and resource-hungry processes. Also, silicon wafers are made in fixed shapes and sizes, considerably reducing design flexibility.

Perovskite technology challenges the barriers and enables efficiency at all levels.

Be it high-performance performance with custom design at a competitive production cost, PEROVSKIA solution leads the way!